About HumanTown

Unlike most sketch shows, HumanTown is not an assortment of unrelated sketches. Every scenario and character is part of a united storyworld, where all sketches intertwine and flow into one other inside the bizarre city of HumanTown. Events in one sketch will often impact characters and environments in future sketches, creating a continuous universe for viewers to follow and invest in. Think traveling through "Springfield" with the freedom to leave the Simpsons alone for a while. Our goal is to introduce a cohesive brand of narrative and cinematic style to the structure of a sketch comedy show, pushing the boundaries of what 'sketch' comedy really is.

Who is HumanTown?

Standing at a towering 5'9", Kane Stewart is best known for his invention of the semi-colon as well as being the only person on earth to have watched the 2003 Fox Drama "John Doe" in its entirety. A freelance anaesthesiologist and toenail enthusiast, Kane works on the television program "HumanTown" in his spare time between Jazzercise lessons.

Kane is also a proud Vietnam Vet; you can visit his veterinary clinic in Ho Chi Minh City when it opens in 2026.

This HumanTown member makes over $4000 a week using one weird old trick he learned online! Dermatologists are furious that he's keeping the formula secret! How did he get this far? Well besides his experience in TV/Film, Ki also managed to be the millionth visitor on this site and clicked on our ad! Looks like YOU shouldn't have passed up all our opportunities! It appears the Infinite Money-Hole of Happiness belongs to Ki forever!

"A Bio? Outrageous. My business is my own. I've formed several opinions of myself all of which are intensely personal and fragile, and I won't be going around willy nilly descr- what are you doing? Stop that! Let go of myLAK@#D HJF&^KJG Daniel Doheny was born and raised in Vancouver. At the age of nine he was inspired by Harper Lee's *^#FLKDV J@#*SKH TAKE THAT. Get away from my keyboard. This is a private residence and I won't be bullied into divulging personal-HEY. I HAVEN'T FINISHEFD SKLJ$#HDJVS Daniel is a well known supporter of squab breeding and racing and owns several champion squabs. Among them his favourite bird Lucy isHJFDSA$^- BLAM ……………… There we are. The old winchester certainly did the trick. But what to do with the body? Perhaps I'll cook him like the rest.

After graduating from Capilano University's 4-Year Motion Picture Production Program, Miles has utilized his extensive industry expertise to perfect the subtle art of Background Performance. He has been hailed as "The Director's Favourite Extra, That Guy Knows When to Shut the Hell up".

He became a contributor to HumanTown primarily through a nightmarish initiation process he refuses to relive here.

When he isn't writing comedy or bombing another audition, Miles spends his time attempting to reconnect with Zac Efron to reminisce about their days working together on Charlie St. Cloud. He can't tell if Zac is ducking him or if Zac's agent's assistant is just a douche. She's probably a douche.

Liam is by far the most handsome and most modest of the bunch and can hold his breath for over two minutes with only minimal brain damage. Founder and sole proprietor of CatsInShades.Org (terminated for legal reasons) and the proud holder of 16 pennies in his lower intestine from winning a penny eating competition in grade school, Liam's accomplishments are indeed astounding. Sometimes referred to as "The Glutes" of HumanTown, Liam brings to the group his slatternly wit and person like acting ability, both skills he has honed after 25 years of getting out of bed and pretending to be Human.

Born on February 11, 1990 and existing ever since, Jack is a disaster of a man. He became interested in film at the tender age of whatever and was using comedy to fill in gaps of his personality far before that. His HumanTown skills involve being the oldest, slacking off to conserve energy for funny making and a left handed point of view which gives the group more racial diversity. Jack has a converted mana cost of 6 and a power level that's over 9000.